EroticaBabes - Victoria Summers hula hoop


EroticaBabes - Victoria Summers hula hoop
We give Victoria a hula hoop and like many models she has not done this for years. But she's game, and we get great joy in watching her bend over to keep picking it up. She almost gets it, and had great fun doing the scene. She chats to you throughout the video and comments on her progress. Her trim and toned body are shown off to great effect with this exercise. Her big tits wobble and jiggle as she sways from side to side. her ass and thighs also get in on the action. There are two camera angles used to film this scene, a close up shot and a medium wide shot, we swap between the two camera angles throughout the video. Victoria faces the front, back and side so you get a view from all angles and she tries to hula hoop. There's more pickup up than hooping to be fair, but that does not stop her from keep bending over to pick up the hoop and having another go. She is constantly smiling and laughing. At 04:41 mm:ss the first slow motion sequences appears. We see Victoria's body moving and swaying as she moves. The hoop is weighted so it cuts into her flesh as she moves with the speed of the rotation. The shots from behind where she is showing her bum are great as you get to see her bum and thighs wobbling as the hoop moves around her body. Her ass is small and cute, but still gives a great wobble and jiggle. We swap between normal speed and slow motion when she is in different positions so you get to see from the rear, from the front and side. Watch her boobs bounce, sway and jiggle as she moves about. You need to be quick as her hula hooping sequences are rather short. She does manage one long session right at the end of the video which she is dead proud of. Any rightly so, she worked hard, kept smiling and giving it a go

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