FitwifeJewels - Jewels and DFWKnight - 4th Date


FitwifeJewels - Jewels and DFWKnight - 4th Date
-New DFWKnight video -Includes Anal -Includes Anal Creampie -Includes behind the scenes

 DFWKnight was in town again and he reached out…seems he loves fit ladies with large clits just as much as I love BBCs that stay hard!!! As we were kissing and reconnecting he mentioned that he doesn’t get to have anal much given his size and he watched a few of my videos and noticed how much I love anal (He’s certainly right about that!!!)…And that became the focus of this date...I knew from that point on, no matter what, I was going to take every inch of him into my tight ass. I wanted nothing more than to have him dump his creamy load in my ass…And guess what…mission accomplished!!!
 This special PPV includes a minute at the end of us just talking about anal sex and the difficulties he has finding others that can take him…It was a nice way to wrap up a sexy afternoon. -Jewels

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