FitwifeJewels - Jewels and MaskedMYLFy - Girl Time


FitwifeJewels - Jewels and MaskedMYLFy - Girl Time
Hot Lesbian Video!!!! Maskedmylfy and I met on Twitter and were quickly surprised that we both lived in Texas..... So a date was set as I always enjoy my time with true bisexual women. She was well receptive to my touch and my much that I brought out one of my Bad Dragon dildos and used it to stretch her......and she returned the favor of course.... I then went into the bathroom to 'change' and out I came with my beautiful black strap-on on and Ms. Jewels was in the house...I quickly got her on her knees and had her suck my cock..... I took care of her as I made sure she rode me and had a lovely orgasm..... It was a great night and I am sure we will have our second date but this time the hubbies will be joining in as a 4 way is so much more fun!!! -Jewels

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