Ginary - Meiko & Renee Impregnated By Aliens


Ginary - Meiko & Renee Impregnated By Aliens
Renee Nuttz hears a knock on the door, and lets Meiko Jane in. Meiko is confused when she sees Renee pregnant - She just saw her yesterday, and Renee wasn’t pregnant. Renee admits to Meiko that she met an alien that promised to make her Queen if it would let her become pregnant, and find other women to carry the seed. Meiko thinks her friend is crazy, but Renee sneaks up behind her and gives her a serum that makes her change her mind! Meiko eats the alien semen, and becomes pregnant! The ladies admire their big pregnant alien babes, and rub them together! (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Meiko or Renee? Email us today.)

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