Jade Vow - lets help eachother out


Jade Vow - lets help eachother out
My Tinder BJ video has been nominated for ‘Vid of the Year’ in the MV awards!! It was one of the most popular vids of 2022 - all thanks to you! Now, in order to win, I need VOTES! You can vote for free once everyday, so please do that as much as you can remember to. What I really need in order to win though are paid votes. So, from today, until the 24th of January, I’m going to be rewarding everyone who gives paid votes, very generously! I’ve attached a pic of what you can get in exchange for your votes - OR if there’s anything else you’re interested in that isn’t listed in the pic or have any questions at all, then let me know and I’m sure we can figure something out together. Also, you’ll get 1 raffle ticket for every $5 you spend on votes. I’ll be doing the raffle at the end of the month, and whoever wins will get a 5 minute custom cumshot video! I’ve never won anything before so it’d mean the world to me if I could win this - and it’s all down to you to make it happen! LETS DO THIS (pls)

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