Josie Cairaway - What I Think About


Josie Cairaway - What I Think About
How good does it feel to have my hand wrapped around your sad little penis? It’s been over two months since the last time I gave you a handjob, my chaste cucky, and it must feel so good to have your pathetic little dick touched. Does it feel good? It’s too bad I keep stopping, huh? I love watching your denied little dick twitch when I take my hand away. I love to hear you whimper and moan and beg for me to keep going. When my lovers are fucking me, when they are pounding me with their big dicks, I get off so hard knowing that I never let you fuck me. I cum so hard knowing that you’re at home, finishing the list of chores I’ve left for you while I’m taking a giant load of a real man’s cum deep inside me. Now, I’m going to stroke your sad excuse for manhood while I tell you all about the new man I’ve found. You can watch my big DD’s jiggle while I humiliate you, you pathetic cuck. You better not cum until I’ve finished my countdown, or I won’t unlock you for a year. Now you know you’ll be eating your cum, just like you do all the cum that leaks out of my pussy.

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