LeilaCherryXXX - Intimate Eye Contact Face JOI


LeilaCherryXXX - Intimate Eye Contact Face JOI
I want you to look me deep in my eyes. Imagine I'm right there with you, feeling you. Normally you'd want to stroke to all of me, but you want a deeper intimacy. You want to watch me watching you. Listening to my voice going back and forth from a whisper to softly dirty talking to moaning in your ear. You can't get enough of my cute face, it's so fuckable. You just want to slide your cock into it. But not yet. I want you to squeeze your cock a little and get it hard for me. Don't beat it, just play with it a little. Like it's my hands on you. It feels so good to have my hand on your cock. Spit on it a little bit to make it wet for me. That's it go a little faster up and down. You feel it throbbing a little bit, growing in your hands? I can feel it. I can feel it getting nice and hard for me. Now Imagine me licking it up and down. Don't you want to fuck my face? Thrust your hand like you're fucking my mouth. Look at my mouth open for you and imagine feeling that wet, soft, slippery, tight hole around you. Move your cock against my big juicy lips. You're gonna cum? Cum all over my pretty little face. Please cum for me. I want to catch it with my tongue. Tags: intimate, big eyes, big lips, freckles, cum countdown, cum begging, mouth open, tongue, finger sucking, spit, drool

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