LongHairLuna - Princess Cuckolds Servants w Alpha


LongHairLuna - Princess Cuckolds Servants w Alpha
Includes; SPH, Handjob, Humiliation, Alpha/Bull, Servicing, Fluffing, Imposed Blowjob, Cuckolding, Beta Male. The Royal princess returns from her great escapades to find her two closest servants fucking on her bed in her absence. Shocked by their betrayal and cheek, she decides they must make it up to her by becoming her cuckold slaves. You see, the girl servant is dating the most feeble and weak of men. She was so close to finally cumming when the princess walked in (a miracle with that worm he calls a cock) that she decides she wants to steal that orgasm from her. She commands the girls boyfriend to make her cum whilst she watches. You wanted power did you? How sweet. How foolish. The next day the princess returns with a suitor from the woodland. Hes large, brutish, hung and ready to fuck. She escorts him back to her quarters where the slaves are at it again!!! But how can she be mad? After all, the sheets they laid on the bed for the suitors arrival are made by witches familiars, spiders who were fed only lust wove each strand of silk woven into the very fabric. No human can resist their temptation. They're even affecting the princess. In horny desperation as she catches a glimpse of the forest man's monstrous cock, she comes up with a devious plan to amend their mistakes. The girl must fluff the suitors cock, as her pathetic, limp dick boyfriend watches. The princess jerks the boyfriend's cock in an attempt to make it bigger. No luck. She belittles him further as the slave girl takes the giant mans cock. She's never tasted dick this good and is savouring every moment. The princess see's the pleading in the girls eyes and takes her off his cock, leaving her unsatisfied to watch them fuck, on the edge of orgasm, sitting next to her tiny dick boyfriend, unable to cum.

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