misswhip - Cruel Mistress Takes It All


misswhip - Cruel Mistress Takes It All
This is what happens when you meet a dark, evil seductress who just wants to strip you of your money, your dignity, and your sanity. You leave your laptop in a cab one night and it falls into my hands. When I open it up, I discover the wealth of fetish porn inside, as well as your personal information. I call you up and come over to drop it off, but little do you know that you are about to fall into a dangerous rabbithole, acting out all of your darkest fantasies on camera while I make sure that you comply by dangling your locked up cock and public image above your head. You love the way I show up, dressed from head to toe in a shiny black outfit... just entranced from the second I walk in. Your only option is to get on the floor, be my puppy, lick my shoes, take the pain I get off on doling out, and most importantly... obey. This video is the closest you will get to an in person femdom session with me. Look into my powerful eyes and tell me you can resist... you know you can't.

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