Misty Meaner - BadDaddyPOV:Misty wants to be a Pornstar


Misty Meaner - BadDaddyPOV:Misty wants to be a Pornstar
Misty walks in on her daddy watching girls on the TV! He quickly tries to turn it off but Misty has already recognized that girl is one of her friends! In MISTYS room! She is shocked that her daddy would do something like that...does he want to fuck his own daughter? Misty wants to be a big girl too, and shows daddy that she can be a big star just like the girl on TV. She promises not to tell anyone and pulls out his hard cock. She doesn't have much experience but she is a quick learner She leads him to her bedroom and undresses- his dick is so big and hard! Misty loves feeling it in her mouth and needs to know how it feels "other places". Daddy lets her have it in multiple positions making her cum over and over again. Misty wants daddy to make her pregnant but he tells her she isn't ready for that yet. He blows his special milk all over her face.

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