Misty Meaner - Bday POOL ORGY


Misty Meaner - Bday POOL ORGY
Josh has a super annoying girlfriend. She never lets him do anything fun and doesn't even want him hanging out with his bros. Sgt Miles and Remy come up with a plan to get him to forget allllll about her. Thats where we come in, Mandy, ParaPrincess, and I stop in for a suprise birthday gift whil Josh is with the guys....we bring him some CAKE clad only in bikinis...whats better than thee hot babes and some cake?! We come right up to Josh and shake our asses and tits on him, cover our butts with frosting and let him lick it off. His cock is hard so we pull it out and start sucking it! It's not long before the other guys join in and we have a full on orgy by the pool, I even get fucked IN THE POOL!

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