Misty Meaner - Curious cousins ft Kendra Heart


Misty Meaner - Curious cousins ft Kendra Heart
Misty and Kendra are catching up at Kendra's moms house. They are cousins and life long friends, going through old photos and reminicsing on old times. When the photos they have been looking for are missing they make the trek upstairs to search for them. Opening an old chest, Kendra pulls out a box with hopes it will hold the photos. When she opens it, surprise!!! It's her moms, and Misty's aunts sex toys. Kendra is shocked throws them on the ground, being the prude that she is. Misty is much more experienced and slutty- DUH your mom has sex toys! Our family is very tight...how did she not know this! Everything changes when Misty plants a big kiss on Kendra, getting her excited. Why not keep it in the family? It's only right. Leading her into the bedroom, Misty strips Kendra and shows her the way of passionate lesbian love making-cousin style. Strap on fucking, pussy eating, squirting orgams and MUCH MORE!

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