Misty Meaner - Diaper spank and cum playdate


Misty Meaner - Diaper spank and cum playdate
Jaelynn and I are having a playdate while our mommies and daddies are busy, we both love diapers and quckly get into them to have some fun. We diaper eachother and then cant bringing out her pink paddle to do some diaper spankies! That gets us all excited and giddy so we start to kiss and grind our padded butts against eachother. It feels really good, but we wanna make it even better. So we grab the hitachi and put it between us while we scissor. The vibe is so strong rippling through our diapers we both cum together and grind on eachother some more until we break it because we are big dumb babiees. With all this fun we lost track of time and realize the parents will be home soon....so we pack up all the naughty goodies and cuddle up on the bed to be found like the sweet angels that we are

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