Misty Meaner - Making the Sale


Misty Meaner - Making the Sale
Misty is a blinds saleswoman going door to door to try to make extra money since her husband was laid off. She shows up at her next house and notices its two guys inside, she quickly pulls down her blouse and hikes up her skirt hoping for the best. They answer the door and she gives her pitch getting denied right off the bat, but she begs them to PLEASE let her in...she really only needs them to sign off on her pitch and she gets a check. They half heartedly agree and Misty comes inside their barren house and begins showing them how they could spruce it up! The guys ogle her and stare at her big ass in her tight skirt while she isnt looking, making crude gestures. When she finally catches on its time to give her final statement and pricing. ONLY $10,000! The guys laugh at her and tell her that better come with a blowjob...little do they know she is willing to do whatever it takes!

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