Misty Meaner - Stepmom Likes To Take Naughty Risks P3


Misty Meaner - Stepmom Likes To Take Naughty Risks P3
It was really in the morning before school and I got a really wicked idea when I heard the shower start in my parents’ room. I poked my head in the bedroom and saw my stepmom was talking to my dad in the master bathroom doorway told me that my dad was in the shower. So I crept into the master bedroom and got naked so when my stepmom turned around she got a nice morning wood surprise. She was shocked and a little scared, she asked me what I was doing and told me my dad was right in the bedroom. I told her I could tell she was really enjoying our little risky games and how could we doing anything riskier then fuck while dads right in the next room. She got really robotic and said we shouldn’t do that, but her eyes were only locked onto my dick! I slowly pulled her robe open and was excited to see she was naked, so I reached out and started playing with her pussy while she started fondling my dick! She finally said fuck it and we spent the rest of dads shower fucking on the bed she shares with him, before long I filled her up with my nut and got ready for school. We still continue to have our risky fun together! This is part 3 of Stepmom Likes To Take Naughty Risks, this series stars Miss Demeanor. This is a POV Taboo Milf Cougar Cheating Wife Risky Risk Deepthroat Blowjob Hardcore Creampie Sex.

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