Misty Meaner - Syren & Misty Raunchy Spit Whores


Misty Meaner - Syren & Misty Raunchy Spit Whores
Syren is tired of listening to her son fuck his bratty girlfriend Misty through the walls every night. She catches Misty alone and decides to give her a piece of her mind. Misty, being the bitch that she is, fights back and gets in Syren’s face. Accusing her of being jealous. Misty says Syren is just sex deprived and need to get fucked. She acts shocked but they both know it’s true. Misty grabs Syren’s face and kisses her, throws her on the ground and strips her. The nastiness ensues from there…they take turns gagging eachother, f!sting eachother, deapthroating dildos and Misty DPs Syren RIGHT before her son comes home…..

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