Misty Meaner - TijuaWRONGA Penis Enlargement Mishap


Misty Meaner - TijuaWRONGA Penis Enlargement Mishap
Sgt Miles and Scott are going on a bro vacation to Tijuana to party. Miles found a place that does underground penis enlargement surgeries and the reviews are STELLAR! He shows the before and after pics to Scott and he is immediately sold. The guys sign up for the procedure and go on their trip. When they arrive at the "hospital" they are groggy and it's not what they expected. The nurses come in as they wake up and check on them to begin the examination. Why are the guys awake?? They should defintely be put under for this shouldn't they??? The nurses reassure them that they are just fine and that this is normal....the guys can't move a muscle, and the nurses start measuring and grabbing their cocks. Putting them in their mouths....this can't be right!? Soon the nurses get naked and even start riding their dicks. WTF is going on??? The nurses cheer in glee as they notice the size difference of the penis's. This procedure definitely works!!!

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