MMM100 - Strong gonzo for this busted babe


MMM100 - Strong gonzo for this busted babe
Today we are privileged people. We are able to deliver one extraordinary porn-scene with our sassy actress Gigi Love and the Spanish hot-blooded male Max Cortes. We start slowly, taking pictures and doing one step at a time. The girl is just being the model, and Max is our photographer. He approaches the chick, in order to take better close-ups in high quality. But at this very moment, he is already hot and just plugs his dick into Gigi's mouth without even asking her for permission! Things turn sort of crazy and we can't stop them anymore. And the point is that Max makes her undergo anal sex up to 75 % of the scene, but not before Gigi has performed one good blowjob and has got slaps in her face, has been complaining because of the strong treatment. And she is right; Max even spits at her! This is one hot scene with the full content of what a superb gonzo is supposed to offer, and last but not least he comes into her pretty face. Poor Gigi!

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