My Cheetara - Covered in Chocolate Valentine's Show


My Cheetara - Covered in Chocolate Valentine's Show
Will you please be my valentine? This video is a recording from my 2/14/21 MV Live show. It features the infamous pool, which is only brought out for special (i.e., very messy) occasions! I start out with some playful teasing as I undress for you. Then I decorate my nipples with whipped cream and ask you if you want to lick it, bringing my tits in for a close-up. I then have some tastes myself. Soon after that, it's time to bring out the bottle of chocolate syrup... and that's when things start to get really messy! What follows is over 35 minutes of yummy fun which includes: decorating myself for you with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and cherries; rubbing the whipped cream and chocolate all over my body, including my pussy; licking chocolate off of my fingers; rubbing a cherry along my pussy, inserting it, pushing it out, and then eating it; twerking my chocolate-covered ass; inserting a butt plug with a heart-shaped base into my ass and then wishing you a happy Valentine's Day; and seductively writhing around in the delicious mess I make. By the time the video is a little bit past the halfway point, all but my face and hair are completely covered. I am very playful in this video and you can tell that I'm having a lot of fun. This food play makes me super horny and, after the bottom of the pool becomes slippery from all the whipped cream and chocolate, I can't resist grinding my pussy into it. Later, with my hands covered in chocolate syrup, I start rubbing my pussy and fingering myself. When I'm alomst there, I start to finger fuck my chocolatey pussy until I squirt and cum repeatedly. Before the video closes, I squeeze out the butt plug... Happy Valentine's Day! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FoodFetish FoodMasturbation Food Teen ButtPlug LiveCams Cumming Masturbation Chocolate WhippedCream Velentines Fingering Latina NoseRing Piercings Naked Pool AnalPlay Trendy EyeContact Petite FingerSuck LongHair CloseUps Pussy Ass Tits Titties Messy Doggystyle Porn Amateur Solo SpitPlay Feet FeetPlay Tongue

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