My Cheetara - Piss on my face


My Cheetara - Piss on my face
Ready to have some kinky fun with me? Of course you are! This video, shot almost entirely from a POV perspective, starts out with you warming up my asshole a bit with your fingers. Then you present the business end of a Hell No Butt Plug* to my face so that I can lubricate it with spit. You plunge this monster of a plug into my asshole, one delicious segment at a time. You then pull it out, only to push it back in again. Next, you stand up and I turn around and get on my knees to pleasure you with my hand and mouth. You put your hand behind my head so that you can make me take your cock deep into my throat. I want you to fuck my ass so I turn back around - you remove the butt plug and give it to me so that I can lick it and suck on it. Mmmm, my ass tastes so good! Then you stick your dick into my asshole and start fucking it. Twice during this anal pounding you remove your cock so that you can admire my gaping asshole. If you're a fan of my work, you know that I fucking love anal and you can tell that here by my reactions to it/my moans of pleasure. Eventually, the stimulation from fucking my ass is too much for you and you cum inside of me, leaving me with an anal creampie. Next, you take me into the shower where you're ready for another round. I'm back to kneeling in front of you - after fucking me in the ass like that, I need to clean your cock, right? For that, we'll need some soap! I thoroughly lather up your cock and then I scrub it well with my hands AND my mouth... That's right! I take that soapy dick of yours into my mouth, giving you a soapy blowjob! After that, it's time for me to lather up your ass and give you a soapy rimjob while i keep my hands busy stroking your still-sudsy cock. (The rimjob portion of this video is the only part not shot from a POV perspective. Also, by the way, this was my first time performing a soapy blowjob and my first time performing a soapy rimjob.) Next, you've rinsed all the soap off and I go back to blowing you - I tell you that this time I want you to cum in my mouth... I want to taste it! You blow your load in my mouth - I show it to you and then I swallow it all. To finish, I tell you to please clean my face... with your piss. [*Hell No Butt Plugs are the largest butt plugs I currently own. They are quite long, made of metal, and have three delightful segments of girth!] This is a custom video. No names are used. ~~~ Do you have a video idea you'd like me to bring to life? You can make your fantasy a reality by ordering your own custom here:

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