PhantomFenix69 - Unboxing Dildos Huge Fantasy Monster


PhantomFenix69 - Unboxing Dildos Huge Fantasy Monster
Unboxing 5 new dildos including 2 huge fantasy monster dildos. Watch me unbox these sexy dildos and compare length and width and texture of the dildos. I’ll be posting masturbation dildo fucking videos with these new cocks soon, so make sure to follow me so you don’t miss out! Which one is your favorite? Or which one do you want me to fuck first? Let me know in the comments below. Tags: dildo, dildos, fantasy dildos, big dildo, huge dildo, monster dildo, dragon dildo, unboxing, unboxing sex toys, unboxing dildos, new sex toys, dildo size, dildo size comparison, fat dildo, milf dildo, dildo play, dildo stroking, how big dildo, dildo review

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