Reyna Mae - Gaining Giantess


Reyna Mae - Gaining Giantess
I am so hungry!! I keep thinking about what I’m going to order for dinner tonight after working up such an appetite while camming! I really want some protein! And that’s when I spot you. You’re sitting on my desk and looking tasty, little man. I quickly gobble you up, letting you slide down my throat. You were good, but what if there were more of you tiny little men? I love feeling your bones in my mouth as I chew, then swallowing you and feeling you make your way into my belly. If I keep eating these little men, my belly and butt are going to get even bigger and fatter! I can’t wait for my body to grow bigger and thicker, eating so many tiny little men like you! I’m so gassy after eating you that I keep feeling like I’m going to burp as my body starts to expand. My belly feels bigger already as you’re slowly digesting and nourishing my body. Shrunken little men like you help me get all of my nutrients and plump me up even more. After such a delicious meal, I think I need to lay down!!! INCLUDES: gaining weight, vore, bbw, giantess, bbw goddess, pov, reyna mae , bbw giantess , giantess vore , giantess fantasy , vore fantasy , bbw vore , big tits , all natural , milf , bbw milf , belly fetish , belly vore , belly rubbing , giantess pov , pov bbw

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