Reyna Mae - Green Bubblegum Blowing with Tricks


Reyna Mae - Green Bubblegum Blowing with Tricks
For today’s bubblegum adventure, I’ve got most of a pack of Big League Chew in my mouth, making it difficult for me to talk! We’re all set for another fun bubblegum adventure! This bright green gum is so messy and it quickly pops on my face after I blow my very first bubble. I love making it pop in my mouth so you can hear the snapping sound it makes. I let my big bubbles pop on my face so it sticks on my cheeks and nose. Do you enjoy it when I let the gum snap and pop in my mouth? This gum is so messy as I blow bubbles and they pop all over my face! One of my favorite things to do is flatten the gum on my tongue against the roof of my mouth and then lick my big tits, teasing my own nipples! I love sucking the air back into my mouth to let the bubbles deflate. Something really cool happens though, and I blow two bubbles side by side! It’s so fun trying new chewing gum tricks!! Tags: bubblegum, bubble, gum, BBW, pop, snap, popping, snapping, double bubble, mouth fetish, tongue fetish, face fetish, nude, big tits, natural tits, big boobs, nipple, reyna, reyna mae.

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