Stella Liberty - Fruitcake Leftovers


Stella Liberty - Fruitcake Leftovers
Stella is at her bf's folks house for Christmas and she has to take the biggest dump. Problem is she is constipated from the long holiday drive and is afraid to stink up the bathroom. Once she is mid #2 she sees that her bf's bro is hiding in the bathroom from the gathering. She can't stop now and omg he starts to get hard while watching her. It is all kinds of awkward but gets even worse when he asks to kiss her foot while she is building a log cabin. Frustrated by her small load she leaves and tells him to leave a few minutes after and return to the xmas celebration. She goes and haves more coffee in hopes to empty her belly and returns in a rush when she feels like it is ready to fill up the bowl to the brim. Holy fucksake he's still in the bathroom but is too late now. Her 9 inch snake is on the way and waiting for no one!

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femdom pov toilet humiliation toilet slavery toilet fetish bathroom