TabooliSalad - Daddy Has a Neck Fetish


TabooliSalad - Daddy Has a Neck Fetish
CUSTOM: You know your daddy has a neck fetish and you decide you will tease and seduce him. Wear your black necklace/choker. Show your neck by arching your back and tilting your head backwards. Your daddy knows he shouldn't stare but can't help himself. Encourage daddy to watch. "It's ok Daddy. I like it when you look at me" You start to seduce and remove your clothes. Daddy likes it so much that he starts to touch his cock for you. You get so horny that you remove all your clothes and masturbate together. Keep showing your neck and moaning while tilting your head backwards. Come up closer to the camera for up close views of your neck. Tell daddy you need his cock inside you. POV style ride daddy's cock with camera seeing tits, chest to top of head. Keep titling your head back and moaning to show your neck. Tell Daddy you need his cum on your neck. NOTE: Some portion of this video is also featured in the Clip: Beautiful Agony POV With Neck Cumshot

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