TropicalLustXXX - Cam Show Gone Wrong


TropicalLustXXX - Cam Show Gone Wrong
Kendra was doing a cam show with one of her favorite fans when all of a sudden she hears a noise and blows it off saying it was nothing. Then out of no where a gloved hand gets wrapped around Kendra's mouth and drags her out of the camera view, you can hear him gagging Kendra's big mouth. The man bounds Kendra's arms, wrist, thighs and feet together with rope and throws her back in view of the camera to struggle for him. He then comes in to frame and puts a nose gag on to Kendra.....and he also found her vibrators in her bedroom so he decided to play a little game. He knows Kendra's feet are tickles so he tapes one on her feet and ties the other one to her pussy!!! So now he has to leave and she will be there struggling and cumming over and over again!

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