TropicalLustXXX - Jason and Kendra Hook Up Fuck


TropicalLustXXX - Jason and Kendra Hook Up Fuck
Kendra's husband aka TropLust is away on business and Jason knows this so he came over to Kendra's to find her all alone and all dressed up and looking to fuck! Of course he is ready to go but first Kendra has to give him a little strip tease. Now since she is all hot and bothered Jason and her start making out and getting down to business! Kendra starts to suck his cock until Jason throws Kendra on the couch and starts eating her beautiful hairy pussy. Then he finally slips his cock deep inside her pussy. Kendra loves having that hole filled! They fuck back and forth until Jason gives Kendra his big load, a little in her pussy and the rest on her big ass!

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