TropicalLustXXX - Kendra Fucks the Film Student


TropicalLustXXX - Kendra Fucks the Film Student
So a film student comes up to Kendra while she is out spending her husbands money of course and he wants to do a documentary on the life of a suburban house wife. And it just so happens that Kendra is married and would LOVE to do an interview for his documentary! Kendra offers him to come back to her house since it is just right down the street. Once they arrive Kendra tells him she just needs to freshen up real quick so to give her a few moments! Kendra runs to her room fixes up her make-up and hair, and throw on some sexy lingerie! He knocks on the door to come in and is defiantly liking what he see's! Kendra and him begin to to have so fun. He starts to lick and finger Kendra's hairy pussy, until she just has to get that big black cock in her mouth!! Kendra loves to suck cock and be a sloppy slut! He begins to fuck her hard in all positions until he put his SEED deep inside Kendra's hairy little box!

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