TropicalLustXXX - Kendra gets a visit from her Neighbor


TropicalLustXXX - Kendra gets a visit from her Neighbor
Kendra was just relaxing at home when she got a call from her neighbor Sevyan and he said he was in the mood and wanted to hang out. Of course Kendra says sure come on over, as she jumps off her ass and goes to get all sexy for him. He walks in her bedroom and just can't wait to get his hand all over Kendra's body. They start to kiss and feel up on each other until he just has to taste Kendra hairy pussy. He eats Kendra out and teases her little kitty until Kendra says let me suck that fucking cock. Kendra was not ready for how big his cock really was, she gags all over his cock while worshiping it at the same time. He throws Kendra down on the bed and puts his Big Black Cock inside her tight pussy FINALLY! They both have been waiting to fuck for months now. He dicks down Kendra so good until he just has to shoot his big load deep inside of her pretty pussy.

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