TropicalLustXXX - Office Creep with Kendra Lynn


TropicalLustXXX - Office Creep with Kendra Lynn
So some creepy ass guys comes into Kendra's office today and tells her he is going to hold her that he means he is going to tie you up bitch! He grabs her hands and just ties her wrist in the front and then puts her on her knees in front of a chair. He pulls his cock out and makes Kendra give him a nice little BJ! He knows that will take up a little time. After he has some fun he then ties her hand completely behind her back and then begins to stuff her mouth with a huge tape gag! The man then ties up the rest of her body arms, legs, thighs, etc. He can now see all of Kendra's body and is very turned on. He just has to stick his cock in her, he cant resist that beautiful hairy pussy!

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