TropicalLustXXX - Quarantine Office Visit


TropicalLustXXX - Quarantine Office Visit
Mr. Lust has been having some issues with his dick ever since this whole quarantine thing happened so he wanted to make sure that he didn't have anything wrong with him. So he scheduled an appointment for the doctor to check it out. When he gets called in to the doctors office it ended up being some hot nurse named Kendra! They discuss the issue he is having and he wanted to also make sure this isn't from the virus as well, he knows it's not a symptom but who knows what it can be at this point. Kendra insures him everything is going to be okay and he has nothing to worry about. Kendra just needs to give him a little shot and he needs to come back in 2 weeks for a follow up visit. At the follow up visit Kendra asked Mr. Lust if everything was finally working properly, and he says he isn't 100% sure because he isn't suppose to have contact with anyone during this time. Kendra then says well maybe she can help him out with that, she then removes his towel and starts to suck his big cock. Kendra loves being able to help her patients out, that is exactly why she got into this line of work.

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