TropicalLustXXX - The Babysitter


TropicalLustXXX - The Babysitter
Kendra has been at school all day but her neighbor's really need Kendra to baby sit for them so she does since she could always use the money of course. Kendra played all day then finally got everyone into she wanted to have a little ALONE time before the parents got home. So Kendra got on the couch and started to pleasure herself for a bit right before she was about to CUM, Kendra heard something and seen that they were up watching Kendra! She got mad for a second but decided to make them a deal. If we all play another game you have to go to bed right after! Then in the background Kendra heard some tape ripping. All of a sudden Kendra get bound and gagged with duct tape!! Kendra struggles and struggles but they didn't let her go. Kendra's BF calls her cell she tries to pick it up but couldn't get out of the tape!

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taboo bondage gag talk tape bondage damsel in distress