TropicalLustXXX - Your Brothers Wife Is A Sex Addict PT.1


TropicalLustXXX - Your Brothers Wife Is A Sex Addict PT.1
Your younger brother and his wife Kendra are coming to visit you and your parents. It is suppose to be like a family get together since we all haven't seen each other in a long time. You have been getting everything ready all day when you here the doorbell so you run and get find only Kendra standing there without your bro. Kendra was so happy to see you, but she is also kinda stressed out from this whole trip already. Kendra explains that your brother is going to be late because he had an unexpected business trip come up and just couldn't say no. Then on top of that Kendra's bags got lost on the plane so she is waiting to here from the airport to see if they come up with them! So you tell Kendra to just go get a little rest and hopefully in the next few hours everything will be better. A few hours goes by and you were watching TV downstairs when you hear Kendra yelling on the phone to someone, so you go to the guestroom to see what was wrong with her. You knock and Kendra says come in, you ask whats wrong, and why are you upset? Kendra tells you that the airline has completely lost her bags and she really really needs her bags! You tell Kendra not to freak out we can get you more clothes and new bags. But then Kendra explains she needs her medication out of her bags that is why she is so upset. You tell Kendra we will just run to the pharmacy and get her some more meds, but Kendra says its not that easy it is something that is prescribed to me and if I don't have it, then it's not going to be good. Kendra finally tells me what her meds are for...she is a sex addict and if she does not take her medicine then she will be in HEAT! And without my brother here she doesn't have anyone to fuck. Kendra ponders this for a while and came up with an idea. Kendra asked you if maybe you guys could masturbate together and that would atleast get her through today. You are very unsure of this at 1st since that would be like cheating with your brother's wife. But Kendra begs and pleads with you until you finally give in. Kendra starts to finger her pussy knowing it is going to get your cock nice and hard, until you finally get the courage to pull it out and stroke it in front of her. This goes on for a few minutes until Kendra CUMS and thanks you for doing this. Kendra reassures you that this stays between you two!

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